The Balad of Janus

There are those that have mouths
Very much like a clown’s
Wider than they are long
Redden their lips and cut their tongues


The gravel has ended
Broken pathways where the Earth has surrendered
See here, the weeds that mark
The place where the hitchhiker must disembark


No roads are ever just straight
Twisting and turning, momentarily placed
Like caterpillars, born to one day be
Another creature on another tree


So here we wave farewell
To greet tomorrow’s new hell
No here we say Hello
And point to our chests and say in you go.


Where I Sleep at Night

This is where I sleep at night
Where my body gives up its daily fight
Where my soul rests its weary eyes
White and brown all around
I see the knob of the ajar door
Finally I have come home to port
Into twin black holes I throw my fate
Liquid joy, the awaited taste.

A Salute to the New Earth

It’s a new day for the gold to flow
A new day for flow
Almost seven,
Get going
Get going, get started
Your half empty brass cupboard awaits
Do not keep it

There are coded scripts to be executed
The code is still fresh
The factory line has paused at your station
At your station
It has paused
It mustn’t
But it has

Stand up straight and square your shoulders
Yes. Square them
Stand up straight and square them
The metal cannot be allowed to rust
If it rusts, we have a problem
Cannot be allowed to rust
No rust

How is Mr. Pennybags to eat his truffles?
So many truffles
How is he to eat?
Mr. Pennybags so likes his truffles
It walks in and out
In and out and in and out
Keep it in if you can

Machines like machineguns
Ready to down you down
Down, down, down to the down
Down to the machines with the machineguns

Every last cog counts
No matter how small how negligible
The smallest counts
The smallest matters

Are you not happy? Everybody is happy
Happy cogs spinning happily on a happy wheel
Such joy to be a slave to the greater
Cogs of Earth, you are happy!
Be happy, cog
A happy cog serving
With happy cogs around.

The Mountain and I

I stare into the red eye of the mountain
The red eye in its deepest depth
Where the mountain meets the Earth,
And it looks right back into
My hazel right next to the sack of my white heart
Where nothing but the life of me lives,

And we gape at each other
Two opaque travelers
Not a twitch of a muscle, not a blink of an eye
Not a single word spoken
Nothing but dust and the flight of a night bird
Between the mountain and I,

But all mountains are waves
And even the biggest bluest monster must pass.
When the time hails
I will climb that beast
And plant my feet
Into its great red eye.


How does it feel like
To be maimed by a silver mirror
Cut by the pearls you wore
Have your guts clawed out
Taste the iron in your blood in the morning
In the evening
In the morning again
Be spat at, sworn at, yelled at
Flattened, leaned on, bitten
Torn into two hundred and forty pieces
Sewn back together
Torn again
Preyed on
Eaten of
Drooled upon
Used as a pillow by some beastly incarnation

And then
How does it feel like
To be called a queen
A goddess
The one
And only
Placed on his pedestal
Unconditional love and
Oh my what a fool I was

And then
How does it feel like
To be the only light in the darkest night of my life?

The Moon in Disguise

The other night
I saw a glow
The moon in disguise
As a face in the night

They see a star
A dot in the freckled sky
But I have a telescope
So I see a supernova
The weight of all of my sins
Written in platinum
Back to back on one piece of paper
A feather on those nights

To hide the hide of the wolf in me
To write the word that is me
A hole
Where I’ll hide when I crumble
A ground
Where I’ll lay when I’m a brown leaf

My wings have regrown
Made of green light
Take sudden flight
My dear moon in disguise.