As the world ends
As the stars of the orange dusk come out
As the last night on Earth begins
As the wolf lifts back its head and howls
As bare toes shiver on ice
As neck hairs stand on end to the sound
As cold hands tug at veils of man
As silent whispers stroke ear skin
As certainty washes over its prey
As tears well up, dam up, and spill
As you put your face in your hands
As you close your weary eyes
And sing an immortal tune
For ages and eons and those who come after.


A Salute to the New Earth

It’s a new day for the gold to flow
A new day for flow
Almost seven,
Get going
Get going, get started
Your half empty brass cupboard awaits
Do not keep it

There are coded scripts to be executed
The code is still fresh
The factory line has paused at your station
At your station
It has paused
It mustn’t
But it has

Stand up straight and square your shoulders
Yes. Square them
Stand up straight and square them
The metal cannot be allowed to rust
If it rusts, we have a problem
Cannot be allowed to rust
No rust

How is Mr. Pennybags to eat his truffles?
So many truffles
How is he to eat?
Mr. Pennybags so likes his truffles
It walks in and out
In and out and in and out
Keep it in if you can

Machines like machineguns
Ready to down you down
Down, down, down to the down
Down to the machines with the machineguns

Every last cog counts
No matter how small how negligible
The smallest counts
The smallest matters

Are you not happy? Everybody is happy
Happy cogs spinning happily on a happy wheel
Such joy to be a slave to the greater
Cogs of Earth, you are happy!
Be happy, cog
A happy cog serving
With happy cogs around.