The Beginning Always Comes First

In this incessant whirlpool

Whispers and screams whip around my cloak

Shred it.

A night terror in the dead of day,

These seven billion others

As fragile as us.

Up the staircase

Faster and higher.

Watch your step, too late.

This is all just a withdrawal symptom.

Come on then, cut me

You know you want to.

No new space for more scars.

You’ll just have to carve over one of the old ones.

And if I may ask,

Would you please show us those marvelous claws of yours?

I know martial arts for self defense

And yet life still kicked seven shades of shit out of me.

And grinned with green teeth, not yet content

And kicked seven more.

Round Way Trip

I died

In a ditch on the side

Of a road.

In a rotten forgotten land,

And on my way out of this body,

I saw the dirty soul waters piled up.

And up I went, up.

Good-bye they beamed,

And when I got to heaven

It was empty but me.

And I bowed and I begged

For the return trip

And down I came.

Back to the muck and mud

And the sick and stained

And the famine and the fear

And the blood and burns

And the dry death of burning bullets

And the poor pain of somber streets

And I smiled and I cried,

I’m back on Earth,

My home in hell.


The chime of time gets louder by the hour

The thick brick wall is coming up quick.

A moan

And not the good kind

You can taste the antiquity in it.

The wear of the years,

The stage has been set by age.

Clean up in aisle sixty-eight!

Stares through me

And asks the same old question

The times. Where have they gone?

Jump out of bed young man I said

There’s nothing for it pop

We’ll see the doctor in the morning.