As the world ends
As the stars of the orange dusk come out
As the last night on Earth begins
As the wolf lifts back its head and howls
As bare toes shiver on ice
As neck hairs stand on end to the sound
As cold hands tug at veils of man
As silent whispers stroke ear skin
As certainty washes over its prey
As tears well up, dam up, and spill
As you put your face in your hands
As you close your weary eyes
And sing an immortal tune
For ages and eons and those who come after.


Riders of Orange Sea

Like surface of sea
Of water
Not rough
Not calm
Up and down
With waves
One minute above
One minute below
Water in
Water out
See horizon
Bisect orange sun
Only lifeline of life now
Warm heart slows
Cool lungs swell
Blood pressure drops
Tingling sighing skin
No more toxins
Up a wave
Then down
Another wave comes
Another down
Into tonight
And then tomorrow
Riding waves.

A paper is cut

as the tear appears
the edges seem to reach out

keep us whole
a screech

as though
heart walls
were pulled
pealed off
and blood gushed
into the night

but you’re fine
so why are your entrails
melting holes inside your flesh
I can smell your hair

it seems that
there is something
my head, playing
paint it red
and sleepy