Who now walks the empty Sahara
Treeless immense desert land
Who nods his head rhythmically in dance
To the ancient melancholy of the dusty wind
Who points at the vast space
Between the sandy rocks
Look, here, see
Evidence of my barren life

If you died now
And some deity were to pass judgement
Upon your sins and your deeds
Would you not taste heaven?

I have seen you carry
People twice and thrice your weight
For miles and miles and miles
And never once complained

Your head is full of stones
And your belly of cold ground iron
But my, oh my if you could only see
How you carry others to paradise

Sweet bliss has been taken from you
Snatched, stolen away into the night
You have been thrust into conscious eternity
To suffer a sentient life as a giver, a belover

When the darkness rises as a wave
To swallow your eyes and you inside
And your tendrils feel like they could snap
And your heart and your lungs follow
Remember then that the truth
It lies
Inside the vortex proper
Where the sun still shines its yellow light
And the wind and the rain much calmer

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