The Way Back

of vision, like temporary cracked pavements
Narrow and familiar
Short tiring gray path
Obstacle course littered with muck and dog feces
Like my mind when it takes
A quick dip in the dark lake
Between the mountains
where the fish make smiling faces
and the water is warmer than expected
but a starving man sees only food and I saw only hope
Reaching out to what seemed
Like rescue ropes
to be pulled to the shore and resuscitated
The dead roots of a long gone willow tree
and I held myself by myself

of vision, like field of sunflowers
Romanian sunflowers growing
Pictured underneath the sunset sun
Purple, orange, and shades my words cannot describe
Like the time I went to the sea
and sat by the shore
Watching the crabs and the fish struggle to exist
It was summer but I’d forgotten the taste of summer
until I sat cross-legged on that half pier
and heard the laughs of the swimmers
Like a miner striking gold for the second time, I
Found something that some call happiness
Sunburnt skin spoke up this morning and
I realized it was something else
It was the way back to myself

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