Hang this Poem in Your Place of Worship

and when you pray, look at it

bigotry is heritable
the sun is crashing
maybe dying
man fights man fights man fights man fights man fights man
arrogance is heritable
the skies weep
and beg for a quick death
they know
ignorance is heritable
all that you know
is a ball
of something floating through nothing
greed is heritable
birth and death and birth and death
daily banality
and soon us
loins, machines make
consumers and producers of waste and refuse and filth and sewage
blindness is heritable
in your blind eyes
they are white
but nothing white is ever sacred
corruption is heritable
devourers of green and dry
and black and red and blue
and everything that has ever breathed
sickness is heritable
and you are all sick in your love organs
for love killed and buried with ancestors
our gene pool is a cesspit
and to our children
we give only dirt
because dirt is heritable
pyromania is heritable
cities burn and crumble
not with fire and not into rubble
but with dead faces and lowered gazes in the subway
and we teach comfort found in plastic and simulations
because carnality is heritable
the fools hear her rumble and call it God’s fury
forgive us our God for our sins
but indifference is heritable
so they go home to merriment
and the sound of laughter on a dead dying planet

stop wasting your time,
deafness is heritable

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