Come With Me to Where the Tree Lives

Close your eyes here
Open them elsewhere


An old lone tree
On a round green hill


The hill and the tree are underwater
The world is underwater


The water is dull silky sunlight
Brittle yellow as sulfur


There is an apple under the tree
But it isn’t an apple tree


Our shoes are on backwards here
To go forwards we must turn around


With our back to the tree, we walk
The smell of grass greets us


Our legs take us downwards up to the tree
There is no soil under the green hill


Only grass and grass and grass
Green grass that glitters gold in the underwater sunlight


The leaves and the grasses sway slowly
Dancers gathered in the breeze


A throne where the grass meets the roots
Sit now beneath the tree


There are no tongues here
We speak with our faces


And I don’t know how we see
But in bursts and flares of color and sound


Rest your head that isn’t your head
Against the timber trunk of this tree
For this is the place you will forever be.

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