Some People Rise at Night

In the night
The lonely wind dances with the leaves
Of the sleeping trees of the woods.
There lies a creature underneath.


Raise your head,
Resting creature
From the soil you were planted in.
You are not a worm
So why do you insist
On crawling the Earth?
You have wings
Why do you keep them
Like an anchor
Tied in a bundle on your back?
If even a rock moves with time
Why are your feet stuck together?
Everybody knows what they want
But do you know what you need?


Get the smell of rain and wet ground
Out of your nostrils,
Brush the dirt
Off your stained body
And look up at the black clouds of tonight.
Watch the crescent moon
Sail to the other side of the sky,
Perhaps tomorrow night
Someone will look up and see you
Flying next to the midnight moon.

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