Current Events

Have you asked the neighbor’s son
For some sugar lately?
There were red flowers on the balcony this morning
I thought you should know.
My ears are here to hear
Here to here.
I’m sorry if my perfume is too strong
I sprayed a little too much
To cover up the stain
Of the smell of smoke.

Get out of bed God damn it!
The mountain peaks have lost their whites and
It’s time to choose again.
If you hear angry voices
From inside my door,
It’s only an argument over who
Is who and what to do.
The dirt road has a checkpoint
And it’s coming up quick,
I must ready my papers
Fingers crossed
Don’t pull me over
There are things in the back seat
Private things.

All these hands come together
Like the petals of a dandelion
Propel me,
I’ve been making deposits
Into the dream bank on fifth street,
Chicken feathers on grandfather’s pajamas
He lent me his rubber boots.
I’ll be on my own this summer.
Three stars in a straight line shine.
Assume the fetal position and hope for the best.

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