Kites and Lines

We are all just parallel lines
Running through space
To infinity.
And these lines on either side
Run together.
So why do you
Reach out your hand
Cut your neighbor line in two?
Oh why do you
Stick out a foot
Bend them askew?

We are all just kites
Color the skies
The color of our eyes.
Enough space for all our hues,
So why do you
Entangle and detangle
With your metal string?
Oh why do you
Plough on through
Step on your neighbor’s kite with your heavy shoe?


Make-up is not for covering up
Blue bruises
Long sleeves in the summer
To conceal the scratches
A masked smile
Hides away your tears
Like a child sweeping debris under the carpet.
I can see through
Your laughs and grins,
Where is the twinkle
That once blinked?

We must together live
Together die
Our chest cavity is too small
For hate.

Carve out your heart
Remove your lungs
And fill your chest with love.
Not the feeling of love
But rather
Hard concrete love
Like the soil of a mountain
Like the rocks I once dreamed of.
Use it to cement yourself together.
Take out your lenses
And wear it in your eyes.
And now
Look at your brothers
And look at your sisters
And look at our mothers
And look at our fathers
And feel
Where your heart once beat
A fire.

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