Read At Your Own Risk

This mass of matter that we strut around
That we call ours and show off
That we point to and say
This is me
You are an equation
X = you/2
And there,
On that graph paper
Is half your life.


Deluxe ion influx in the cyclone
Of cells up there
In that case of bone.
This cake of carbon that you call you
Is not you
And it sure as hell is not stardust,
It is the stuff that became stardust.
And for now it is all together
All the protons,
All the electrons,
All the neutrons
Together at this point,
They might make another
Or none at all
Maybe lonely particulates one day
But wherever they are then
Is already determined
All they have to do is be.


We think that we think
Just a bunch of foreseen reactions
Of matter
Foretold eons ago
Your decisions are not your decisions
They are not even choices
Just how it will go
How it has always been meaning to go
And every time time comes by this time
They will go as they will go.


How easy it is that what happens
Has happened,
Is happening,
And will happen
Again and again and again against all action and any advice
And there is nothing that can be done
Don’t even try,
Or you could
To fruitless avail
For you shall do what you will do whether you do or do not.


A predetermined fate some might state
Hah, how preposterous it is
To mock it and rub it in the dirt
And berate it as fate
Fate is a joke for the little folk
Not fate my friend
Not destiny not chance.
It is
By whom?


It was not predetermined that
The electricity in my noggin
Would align such that
I’d know the answer
So alas I cannot amass my brain
To do what it cannot.

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