Ice-Cold Steel

Thin ice-cold steel.

Sometimes I need a different kind of meal.

I’m seeing double

Double the grey is grey,

The ancient pathway

Like a pond in mid-winter frozen.



My windows are so so dusty.

I am an evergreen

But my leaves are brown this time of year,

There are whispers on my lips

So soft, so low that I cannot hear

A lump in my throat though there is

Perhaps there are tears when I sleep

Ask my pillow because I wouldn’t know.


Thunder snaps inside my skull,

Waved away by them

These arms once wound around,

I am a child’s pet

Gifted on Christmas

But now it is February

And the vertigo has yet to wear off,

In my ice-cold steel cage.


Like a snail on a windy day,

Stick to the ground

Move move move

Against the winds of today,

For grass goes with the breeze

But the breeze goes with the trees.


The polar bear roams alone,

White white white as cold steel ice,

The primal predator stalks the mice

Watch your back

These other bears are barely friends.


So I sit here,

See this cold steel ice

I look into his face

Soft warmth in his creases

The greatest friend, brother, lover

In the mirror I see me.

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