Ramble On Life

Freeze begs the cold breeze through the cracked window.

How chilly.

The heartache worsens,

The struggle of ten men

All for naught.

The cry of a clawless cat fills the cavern.

Not even crystalized meth can help now.

Oh well. Oh well.


Wipe your brow and get to work though.

For time waits for no man my lad


Another brave slave soldier of the machine, you.

Just another cog.

So toil away my boy

Ask of nothing akin to your suffering.

A big beef burger for your troubles my good man

Swallow it whole and cater to your labor.


Too often do extremes cut.

Like a fatman’s razor as it slices his fat chin

On a bad day to shave.

One day, I promise,

They will hang my picture in a bathroom stall.

Was there really a message in this,

Or was it all

Just the rambling of an aged youth?

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