The Dash



Fills the corridor and blinds him.

A few moments please

Just to adjust his eyes.

And now he sets off,

A little shaky at first but then not so much,

Down the long hall

The end, he cannot see.

Nor does his little brain have enough brain in it to imagine.

Careful, careful the one who mothered him says

You must not fall


And now he walks,

Almost confident of his stride.

Jumping obstacles

Onward onward.

To the end which he cannot see,

But his brainless brain has enough brain in it now

To imagine

Just a little at least.

The lights have dimmed ever so slightly.

He hasn’t noticed.

Onward onward.

Careful, careful the one who fathered him says

You must not fall


And now he is running

Running and dodging.

He laughs at himself,

He laughs at those laughing.

The end is still not in sight,

But he had that gut feeling

That soon it will be.

And he has noticed

That the once bright light is bright no more

But he dwelt not on it.

Careful, careful he thinks

I must not fall.


And now he begins to slow.

His legs will be going on strike soon

You have worn us out they protest,

But he keeps at it,

The end he can see now

But he cannot make out what he is seeing,

Just an end he thinks

I wonder what there could be.

And the lights are low.

It embarrassed other lights that these lights be called lights

Careful, careful he says to the one he has fathered

You must not fall


And now he is at the end.

A hole in the ground,

With a mirror above it which shows

A gray man.

And to either side of the hole,

The one who fathered and the one who mothered stand

Welcome they say

And he climbs down the hole.

And he closes his eyes.

It is completely dark now.

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